Passion – 7

Kerala always fascinates us right? It is known for a great amalgamation of rituals, be it marriage or engagement or anything. It has its own unique style of traditions that leave us spell bound. This evening, here is one such grand engagement function to which all of you are most welcomed.

The entry gate of the house can’t be more charming than this. It had a mix of orange and yellow marigold flowers which gave a positive vibe to the guests. Everyone can experience the pleasant and aromatic welcome on entering the house. There was a colorful rangoli at the front yard that was picture perfect. As per the traditions, the door was decorated with torans of mango leaves along with alluring flowers. Any function is incomplete without lightning. Yes, the house was twinkling with the series of bulbs, candle lights and diyas. Even the charming garden around the house didn’t go unnoticed. The centre of the hall had a water vase which had scintillating shades of fresh flowers. The house was over pouring with guests. The photographers were engrossed in capturing the beauty of the function. There were people moving in and out. Despite there being much difference of opinions within the relatives, there was a great exchange of smile with one another. Everyone looked happy on that particular day like there is no tomorrow.

Krishnan and Lakshmi were keenly concerned about the guest. They were providing them the needful. Everything was going smooth till that happened.

Krishnan asked Lakshmi to check on Dhisha. So Lakshmi went upstairs. Dhishs’s room was locked from inside. She knocked at the door couple of times. But there was no positive response. Lakshmi felt something fishy. She became intolerable with the each passing minute. Once Krishnan was informed about this, he came with the spare key and opened the door. Dhisha was not there except her letter.

I am sorry for doing this to you acha. I had told you many times about my wish. But you didn’t respect any of my decisions except allowing me to pursue fashion designing. Even you know that I got a job in Mumbai. Yet you didn’t allow me. You also know that I am not at all interested in marriage. Yet you forced me for that. So I decided to make my way. I know I am wrong. But I am sorry acha. I am heading to Mumbai.

Dhisha joined in Talent Solutions Company in Mumbai which is going to be her everything hereafter. Dhisha’s friend from Kerala informed her about her parent’s health constantly.  Dhisha was convinced that they were well physically but not mentally. They still had the bitterness towards Dhisha. Dhisha decided to meet them once their anger subsided.

Time went on. Dhisha was in training period and enjoyed her work very much. She readily moved with everyone in the workplace. At times when she missed her parents, she dialed them. But on knowing that it was her, they were not ready to talk to her. So Dhisha made up her mind to give them the space they need. She just concentrated on her work.

Dhisha being a creative girl came up with many different ideas. Her ideas were very useful. She even designed lovely dresses. All others were astonished at her talent. She did the minute art works in a perfect manner. Her charismatic designs invited many celebrities to look in to the company. She gained everyone’s heart within a year. She was assigned to design costumes for films. Soon she got a chance to be one among the film industry. She explored many places along with the crew. She enjoyed the life to the fullest.

Initially, it was bit difficult for Dhisha to carry on. Being a costume designer for a film is not an easy task. She had to understand the film, its nature and everything. She had to market her skill indirectly through the film. It is through her design the character is portrayed. The costume in the film has its own part in determining the film’s success. As the look and mood vary according to the location, the style too varies. So, Dhisha had to fight a little with herself to catch up the flow. But as she was determined towards her work, she succeeded being a wanted designer.

Years passed on. She was successful in her career. Even her parents started talking to her. All the problems got settled and everything was fine. Dhisha was happy as ever. That night she got a call from her chief.

‘Be ready tomorrow Dhisha. Director Arjun wants to give you a chance to design costume for his film. So be ready’.

‘Sure Sir’

The next day Dhisha was in front of director Arjun along with her chief. That was the day she met Monica. Dhisha had to design costume for Monica. As Arjun introduced Dhisha to Monica, Monica hugged Dhisha and was so sweet to her. They talked the whole day like they were soul sisters. Monica shared her experience in film industry and when Dhisha got her turn, she narrated everything about her interests.

Then Arjun told the entire story to Dhisha and asked her to be ready with perfect costumes. She had to change modern Monica to a keralite Monica. Dhisha was very much delighted on knowing about the costume she need to design. There is nothing to work upon it. She was so much used to that costume. It was not even a costume as she is experiencing it from her birth. And it was the one close to her heart. She had to work on the costume which is nothing but within her.

The date was fixed to start the shooting. The day came. All were eagerly waiting to see Monica in traditional attire. Monica was dressed in sandal colored sari which had neat border works. Makeup artists were doing their best to bring a homely change in Monica’s face. Everything is done. Monica was ready.

She came out of the caravan. Everyone present there were amazed at her look. Till then, all of them had seen Monica in a modern style. But this is marvelous than anything. There was full of positive comments like, ‘Super’, ‘Looking gorgeous’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Like an angel’ and much more. There was only one person sitting in the chair, without uttering a word. He is none other than the director Arjun.

Once the complements were over, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Arjun’s. No matter others like it or not, but director’s suggestion is more important. Dhisha was waiting for Arjun to open his mouth. He gave Monica a final look and said, ‘This costume doesn’t suit you’. Everyone was shocked. Arjun was so stern on his decision. So, no one was ready to oppose him. After a while, Dhisha said ‘Okay Sir. I will try another dress’. And she moved inside the caravan along with Monica.

But before she could advance, Arjun stopped her. ‘No need Dhisha. There is no problem in costume. Sometimes whatever we try we can’t change the look. Like that, this costume doesn’t suit Monica. So she can’t do that role’. Arjun said.

Monica was highly disturbed on hearing this. She pleaded with Arjun for not to decide so soon. But Arjun couldn’t be changed.

Arjun said, ‘Monica, Please control yourself. You are a great artist. You can get chances in many other films. But you can’t do this role.’

For the first time Monica felt that, she failed as an actress. After sometime she asked him, ‘Who is going to replace me?’

There was another shocking reply. He said, ‘Dhisha will do, if she is okay with that’.

‘What? Director said your name? I couldn’t believe’ said Nainita.

‘Yes. I too stood confused.’ Dhisha said.

‘Did you agree to it? You did that film? What was Monica’s reaction? What happened that day?’ there came a series of questions from Nainita.

Dhisha silently replied, ‘That day changed my heavenly life to a hell’

Passion – 6

Nainita was ready for the shooting. She made her presence well before the time. Fashion designers did a very good job in making her look beautiful. Mathi was busy giving instructions to all. And shooting started. The shoot was a fashion show program in which Nainita was one of the contestants. Nainita did her job well. Dhisha was enjoying the shoot. After a while, Dhisha got a call from Neha. So she had to excuse herself from the place. She came out and answered the call.

‘Hi Dhisha. Monica is in Mumbai. Be careful’ said Neha.

‘I know it Neha. I saw her yesterday in a theatre. You are late’ Dhisha shouted at Neha for not informing her.

‘I am really sorry Dhisha. I am in hospital.’

‘Why? What happened Neha?’

‘There was a sudden change of climate in Australia and many of us fell sick. So we came back and may go to Australia after a month. I was admitted to hospital and so I couldn’t update you’ Neha narrated Dhisha everything.

‘Oh… I am sorry Neha for shouting at you. Shall I come there to the hospital?’ Dhisha was more concerned for Neha.

‘No Dhisha. Don’t do that. Monica may find you then. I am fine here. You take care’ said Neha.

‘Okay Neha. Take care’

At the same time Mathi too came there finishing the shoot. And only after Dhisha told Mathi about everything, she felt a little relaxed.

‘Fine Dhisha… How is she now?’ Mathi asked.

Before Dhisha could reply, there came another voice that left both Mathi and Dhisha in shock.

‘Who is sick?’ asked Nainita who is back with the normal costume after the shooting.

Dhisha and Mathi found themselves at difficult situation. They both shared a look. Before they could think for an answer, the next question from Nainita made them more worried.

‘Monica is back from Australia right?’ Nainita was constantly putting questions on them for which they just stood shocked.

After some time, Dhisha managed to ask Nainita, ‘Who told you Nainita?’

‘I heard many of them talking about this in the shooting spot. So only I came here to ask you about this’ said Nainita calmly.

Mathi signaled Dhisha to be calm and continued, ‘Yes Nainita. Monica is back.

‘Wow. Then why didn’t you tell me Dhisha? Please take me to her now. Please Dhisha’ Nainita was excited on hearing about Monica.

Dhisha had no clue on what’s happening.

‘Wait wait Nainita. You can’t see her now. She is the one who called Dhisha now. ‘She is sick.’ said Mathi.

Dhisha understood Mathi’s plan and approved accordingly.

‘Yes Nainita. Monica called me now and was really concerned about how you are doing.’ Said Dhisha

‘Oh…. Is it? Then please take me to the hospital then’ pleaded Nainita.

‘No Nainita. We can’t do that. Monica is very sick and she had to rest at least for a month. So she had asked me not to disturb her’

‘But I just want to see her once.’

‘Yeah I understand. But she said she herself will come and see you once she is well. Why should I stop you from seeing her?’ Dhisha tried hard to convince Nainita.

After few minutes of conversation, Dhisha finally won. And soon they were in the apartment.

Back in her room Nainita was deeply thinking about Dhisha. She felt something is wrong. She recalled the incident in the shooting spot again and again.

‘I heard Mathi and Dhisha talk about someone named Neha. But they said me it’s Monica. Apart from that, they were shocked on asking about Monica. It looks like they both are very much keen on not letting me see Monica. But why?’. She dialed Monica’s number. It was switched off again.

Why it is always switched off when I call her?’ Nainita asked to herself. She kept on thinking about this. Yet she couldn’t get any clarity on this issue. Her mind got tired and she just left this matter as it is.

Three months went on. Monica and Neha were busy in Australia. Nainita had done a lot of small roles in these three months. She got to know more directors. In these three months Nainita tried to call Monica a lot of times. But her number is always switched off. She even asked Dhisha about this. She somehow managed every time.

That day was the turning point in Nainita’s life. Mathi had called Nainita to her apartment. As Dhisha was not well, Nainita alone went to Mathi’s place. Mathi warmly welcomed her. It turned out to be a great enthusiasm to Nainita when she got to know that she is soon going to do her first film as a heroine. Nainita thanked Mathi and was very much thrilled at the thought of being a heroine. When she dialed to Dhisha to share her happy moment, Mathi stopped her.

‘Don’t tell her over phone. You will miss her reaction then’ advised Mathi to which Nainita agreed.

Nainita then left Mathi’s apartment and was moving towards hers. On her way, she dialed to her parents and told them the good news. They too were very happy on knowing about this.

The next call was to Monica. Again it was switched off. She got irritated. ‘Today I must talk to Monica. I can’t wait hereafter’ she said to herself.

She reached the flat and went straight to Dhisha. Dhisha was resting by that time and when she saw Nainita come running to her she was confused.

Nainita told her everything and Dhisha was overjoyed on hearing this. And then Nainita asked Dhisha about Monica.

‘Today I have to talk to Monica. Please don’t give me any explanations. I just want to talk to her’ Nainita was stubborn in her decision.

Dhisha started to convince Nainita but before that, a call distracted her. It was from Mathi.

‘Hi Mathi… Nainita told me everything. I am so happy’ said Dhisha


‘Why? What is the problem?’ asked Dhisha


‘What!!!!! What are you saying?’ Dhisha’s voice trembled.


‘Okay’ Now Dhisha’s voice was shaking. Nainita just stood there without understanding anything.

Dhisha quickly switched on the TV and set the news channel. The flash news said, ‘Neha who is the assistant of most celebrated actress Monica is no more’

Dhisha went unconscious on seeing this flash news. Nainita and Parvathi made her regain her control.

At the same time, Nainita saw Monica’s face flash in the screen. Monica said, ‘I am really sad on loosing Neha. She is my only assistant from the beginning of my career. She is not just my assistant. But more than that.’

Monica couldn’t talk after that. Nainita’s mind was perplexed with too many questions. She wanted to ask Dhisha but, Dhisha was in no mood to answer. Dhisha looked dejected on her friend’s death. So Nainita tried to calm herself down but she couldn’t.

Out of pressure she asked Dhisha only one question. ‘If Neha is the only assistant to Monica, then who are you?’

Dhisha with tears rolling down said, ‘I will tell you’.

Passion – 5

As the days passed, Dhisha and Nainita became too close. Even Parvathi, who is an introvert, felt comfortable with Nainita. Most of the time, both the girls spent on exploring the Mumbai city. They hardly stayed in room. It had been a week Nainita came to Mumbai. They visited beaches, temples, parks, aquarium, etc. Movie is the one thing that they had been missing for a week and now they had planned for that too.

‘Nainita. Are you ready? It’s getting late. Come fast.’ Dhisha’s sounded in a clear voice.

‘Yes yes. Just give me 5 minutes please’ Nainita pleaded.

‘Okay. I will be ready with the car outside. Come soon’ Dhisha said and made her way.

Both the girls started for the movie. For few minutes Dhisha had to fight with the traffic. Yet she was calm and drove across the busy streets. When she finally reached the main road, they both felt relaxed. But that didn’t last long. There stood a long queue of vehicles waiting for the signal to turn green. The thought of crossing this signal made them sick. They had no other way but to wait. When the signal turned green, somehow they managed to smoothly cross the signal after ten minutes of immense struggle. Once they were out of the congestion, Dhisha’s stress subsided and they freely enjoyed the marine drive.

Both of them had their windows down and were enjoying the cool breeze. Nainita became more enthusiastic when they reached the Bandra-Worli sea link. They were travelling on the bridge, surrounded by water on both the sides. Dhisha, despite being late for the movie, deliberately reduced the speed to adore the beautiful view of the sea. The bridge ended. Again they crossed busy streets and stopped in front of Le Reve Cinemas.

They parked the car and rushed in. The film had already started. Dhisha and Nainita found it difficult to locate their seats in the darkness. A young boy helped them find out their seats. They settled well and enjoyed the movie, without knowing that their happiness won’t last long.

Well. The interval came. The lights were on. Dhisha and Nainita thought of having popcorn. There was a large queue standing in front of all the counters. Dhisha asked Nainita to wait and Dhisha stood in the queue. The queue moved slowly. After a couple of minutes Dhisha had only two people before her. Suddenly one particular area was flooded with people and from there came a great noise. Even the guys standing in the queue left it and joined the crowd. Now the queue was totally free. Dhisha could understand that some important person was there but couldn’t see who it is. Dhisha’s eyes were keenly searching for who that person is.

It was the time, when the crowd slightly dispersed, Dhisha saw that girl. Dhisha stood there baffled. She didn’t know what’s going on and her mind went totally blank. ‘Why is she here? When did she come back? Did she saw me? Why Neha didn’t tell me? Oh god. What if she saw Nainita?’ she was confused and ran out of the queue to where Nainita was waiting.

Dhisha found Nainita alone. ‘Thank god. She didn’t see Nainita’, Dhisha was pleased. The next moment she went straight to Nainita.

Nainita was confused on seeing Dhisha tensed. ‘What happened Dhisha? Why are you looking nervous?’

‘I should not tell Nainita anything. How can I get her out of this place?’ Dhisha’s mind was racing.

‘Dhisha, I am asking you. Are you alright?’ Nainita was shouting out of control.

‘Nainita, I am not well. I feel like faint…’ Dhisha stopped halfway and pretended like fainting.

Nainita got hold of Dhisha and made her sit safely. She quickly got some water and offered her. After assuring Dhisha was fine, Nainita relaxed a bit.

‘Dhisha, come. Let’s go home. You need to rest. We can come to movie some other time’ decreed Nainita. Dhisha agreed instantly.

The next minute they were out of the theatre. Nainita drove back to the apartment. Dhisha sat silently and looked out of the window constantly. Actually she was looking nowhere. Her mind was fully indulged on that girl. That girl was none other than Monica.

They reached the apartment soon. Dhisha was advised by Nainita to take rest. Dhisha agreed. But Dhisha was in no mood to rest. She went to her room and locked herself. She sat on her bed with heads down. She thought about her harrowing past. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She cried uncontrollably. She took her mobile, dialed to Mathi and updated her everything. Mathi was equally shocked to know about Monica. But then Mathi quickly made up her mind and consoled Dhisha.

‘Okay. That’s fine Dhisha. Hereafter you need to be careful. Everything will be fine soon. Just relax’ said Mathi.

After the call, Dhisha called Neha. But her mobile is not reachable. Dhisha then laid herself on the bed. But she couldn’t sleep for a second. Her mind recollected the memories of that day when Nainita started from Bangalore.



It was midnight. Dhisha was standing at the corner of the street. She was eagerly waiting for someone. Each passing minute made her more nervous. Dhisha’s mind was oscillating on whether to do this or not.

‘Will this plan work out?’ She asked this question to herself thousands of time. Yet she didn’t get satisfying answer. She called Mathi and asked the same question.

‘Don’t worry Dhisha. It will work. We are not doing any wrong.’ Mathi convinced her.

‘Okay’, Dhisha replied shortly and the call ended.

At the same time, a girl neared Dhisha with her face covered. Dhisha’s face brightened on seeing that girl. She is Neha. Monica’s assistant.

‘Why are you late? You know how long am waiting?’ Dhisha shouted at Neha.

‘Just now I got the chance to leave.’ Neha answered.

‘Okay fine Neha. Where is Monica’s mobile? Did you get it?’

‘Yes. As soon as she was asleep, I took her mobile and came here. Here it is. Take it.’ Neha handed the apple iphone to Dhisha and again continued.

‘Nainita had already started. She may reach tomorrow by 10 pm. Plan accordingly. The mobile is out of charge. So get it charged before she reaches’ Neha warned Dhisha.

‘Sure’ replied Dhisha and both of them parted. Dhisha reached her room, put the apple iphone to charge and dozed off.

The next morning Dhisha woke up. She went near the corner table and tried to switch on the phone. To her surprise, the phone wasn’t charged at all. She checked the switch and it’s perfectly on. She tried connecting the pin again and again till she felt tired, but of no use. There must be a problem in pin. She checked the time. It was 9. Finally Dhisha thought of putting Monica’s SIM in her mobile. But to her bad luck, Nainita’s contact was not saved in the SIM. She again tried charging Monica’s phone, but in vein.

Dhisha felt annoyed and lost her control. She started shouting in irritation. She started throwing things out in frustration. Parvathi came running on hearing Dhisha’s sound and calmed Dhisha.

After a while, Dhisha got ready and took the mobile to the service centre. She urged them to service it soon. She waited. Time was 2pm. Dhisha’s tension grew. She could do nothing but to get the phone right. Dhisha was worried on thinking about Nainita. What if she had tried calling Monica? Will she have any other Monica’s number? She waited and waited and waited. It was only around 9.30pm she got Monica’s mobile. She quickly put on Monica’s SIM and called Nainita. The line was not reachable. Dhisha cursed her bad time. Why this always happens to me? She shouted to herself.  She quickly made her way to the station. On her way she tried Nainita multiple times only to get the same response. She reached the station and called Nainita again. Nainita answered the call. And it was Dhisha who spoke like Monica to Nainita. And after that you guys know what happened.


Dhisha returned to the present world when she heard Nainita calling out her name from outside her room. Dhisha went to open the door and let Nainita in.

‘How are you now? Had a good sleep I guess!!!’ said Nainita.

‘Yes. I had a good sleep. Just got up on hearing your voice’ said Dhisha in a dull voice.

‘Oh. I am Sorry. It was getting late for the dinner. So only I came to wake you up.’

‘Yeah… That’s okay Nainita. No issues.’ Dhisha assured her.

‘You know one thing? Mathi called me and asked me to be ready for shooting tomorrow’, said Nainita with a great enthusiasm.

‘Wow. That’s great. Congrats.’ appreciated Dhisha and thought to herself, ‘I need to be very careful. Nainita and Monica should not find each other’.

Passion – 4

The long hours of train journey exhausted Nainita very much that as soon as she fell on bed she dozed off. Despite being in new atmosphere, she felt comfortable and had a sound sleep. As time passed on the moon slowly gave way for the sun to light up the city.

The sun rays pierced through every nook and corner of the city that it didn’t forget to brighten Nainita’s room. The alarm at 7 o clock failed to wake her up. Not only was this, but a knock at the door and phone call from Dhisha were in vein. But who can challenge the nature? The beam that penetrated through the curtains focused on her face that finally made her eyes open.

Nainita slowly opened her eyes and got off from bed. The wall clock said 7.30.  ‘Thanks god. I am not too late’ Nainita cherished herself.

Only then she noticed the missed calls from Dhisha. After confirming Dhisha that she was awake, she took another 15 minutes to refresh herself. Once done she came out in search of Dhisha.

‘Good morning Nainita. Have a cup of coffee’ Dhisha served her the coffee.

‘Good morning Dhisha. Sorry. I made you wait’ Nainita apologized.

‘No issues. Have the coffee. And forgive me if it doesn’t taste good. Because I made it’ Dhisha made a naughty face.

Both of them enjoyed the coffee in the balcony. Nainita was allured by the beautiful view of the Mumbai city. There was a rush of people from place to place, sound of horns, chirping birds and murmurs all around. But all these noise didn’t disturb Nainita. She felt unusually calm at the view of the city. She felt relaxed. Even Dhisha read her mind and didn’t interrupt her thoughts. Both were silently rejoicing the nature until the door bell rang.

Dhisha was the first to react. ‘I think its Parvathi. I will check’. Dhisha went to the door to check who it is. Dhisha is right.

‘Dhisha ma. Good morning. Have your friend arrived safely last night?’ Parvathi enquired about Nainita.

‘Yes Parvathi. She is here’ said Dhisha

At the same time Nainita came out of balcony and introduced herself to Parvathi.

After few minutes of formal conversations everyone dispersed. Parvathi started preparing breakfast. Nainita and Dhisha were getting ready to meet the director. By 9 o clock they got ready and sat for breakfast. Nainita was excited to meet the director. She just wanted the time to move fast. She quickly gulped of the breakfast. Even in such a hurry she didn’t miss to prize Parvathi for the tasty breakfast.

They bid goodbye to Parvathi and made their way from Wallace apartment to Chetna apartment where the director’s flat is located. On their way, Dhisha notified Nainita about the important tourist places nearby and assured Nainita that she will take her to all places whenever time permits. Within ten minutes of time, they were in front of a flat which had a name board “Director Mrs.Mathi”. Dhisha rang the bell.

On seeing the name Nainita asked confused. ‘Mrs.Mathi?’

Dhisha let out a smile and said, ‘Yes. The director is a woman’.

‘Wow. I am so happy. I didn’t expect this’. Nainita said enthusiastically. When the door got opened, a young woman who was none other than Mathi welcomed them and offered a seat. Nainita was again shocked because the director looked too young and smart. Nainita was sure that Mathi can’t be more than 30 as she looks like a girl and not a woman.

Sensing her confusion, Mathi asked, ‘What happened Nainita? Thinking of my age?’

Nainita was startled by her question. She hesitatingly shook her head in approval.

‘Well. I am nearing 40’, said Mathi and glanced at Nainita’s reaction. She sat unbelievable and looked at Dhisha for confirmation.

The place was filled with lot of laughter for next few seconds. Nainita felt little embarrassed.  Then having served a tea and snack there began the discussion.

‘So, tell me Nainita. How do you feel being here?’

‘It’s my pleasure. My dream from childhood is going to be true soon’

Mathi with a smile replied, ‘Yes Nainita. Monica told me about your aspiring dreams. I can see the spirit in you.’

Before Nainita could reply anything, Mathi continued. ‘As you had already graduated in film studies, you don’t need much training. You will perform well. I believe in you’

‘Thank you so much for the trust Madam’, Nainita was polite.

And for another 3 hours three of them seriously discussed about the films Mathi had done, the way of acting, the role for Nainita and so on. Nainita was sincerely listening to Mathi. Finally Mathi confirmed Nainita about the role she had to perform in her film. As this is the first chance for Nainita, she wanted to give the best of her. But Mathi felt sad for giving her a small role and thought of consoling Nainita.

‘Don’t worry about this role. I promise you that you will be given main role in my next film’

Nainita understood and replied, ‘I have no issues in that. I will do it.’

‘That’s great. All the best. I will update you the date and place for the shooting later’, Mathi appreciated her.

Their chit-chats went on till the lunch time. Soon three of them had a lavish lunch at Mathi’s flat. When both the girls decided to leave Mathi’s flat, the time was 3.00 pm.

‘Thanks for the time madam. I really enjoyed your company’, Nainita spoke in a pleasing voice.

‘I too had a great time with you Nainita. And just call me Mathi. No formalities’

Nainita after a little blush said, ‘Okay Mathi. See you soon’. Both the girls were ready to move.

Before beginning their way back, Dhisha asked Nainita, ‘Shall we visit the nearby beach? It is a most famous one. Hope you will like it.’

‘Sure. I am eager to enjoy every place in Mumbai. Let’s go now.’

‘No Nainita. Let’s visit it by 5 o clock so than you can enjoy the sunset view’, convinced Dhisha.

‘Mmmm…. Okay. What to do till that?’ said Nainita half heartedly.

Dhisha asked, ‘Shall we do shopping? I need to buy some things.’

‘Yes. Nice idea. I too need to buy dresses. Is there shopping malls nearby?’

‘Of course. Many are there. Let’s go Nainita’.

Both the girls decided to do shopping and with another 10 minutes they reached Orchid city centre mall. They left the car in the parking lot and started their shopping. Both of them immersed themselves in choosing what they need. Time travelled so soon.

Soon after the shopping, both of them headed to Girgaum Chowpathy beach. It was really a beautiful evening. The sky was brightly coloured that served as a feast for eyes. Everyone who loves nature won’t fail to taste the beauty of this beach. Nainita was no exception. Nainita enjoyed the cool splash of the sea waves on her feet. The chillness had an effect all through her body that made her fresh. After a while Nainita and Dhisha sat still at the sand and were constantly looking at the dancing waves.

The beep sound of Dhisha’s Phone distracted her. It is a message from Mathi. The message read ‘Keep Nainita under your control. We should not lose again’

‘Sure’ was the reply from Dhisha.

Passion – 3

When Nainita tried again after lunch, she got the same response. She tried a lot only to be disappointed. Her mind flickered with so many unwanted thoughts that made her panic.

‘Was Monica the same person whom I met years ago?’

‘What if she had changed after tasting success?’

‘What if Monica doesn’t turn up?’

‘Oh god… Why am I thinking all rubbish? Monica was so sweet on knowing my decision. She won’t betray me just by giving a false hope. There might be some fault in her phone. Let me wait for some more time.’ She again tried to calm herself.

2.30 pm, 3.00 pm… 5.00 pm…

Time went on. But there seemed no progress. Nainita had lost all cheers she had at first.

‘Whether Monica wanted to surprise me by receiving me at the station?’

‘No, no… That can’t be the reason. With her busy schedules she won’t plan anything like that’ Nainita’s mind was totally perplexed that she didn’t know how to think.

7.00 pm…

The same speeding train made her more nervous now. She was not afraid to face Mumbai, but she somewhere felt cheated. She thought of how happy she started and the thought of how it will end scared her. She still had the confidence to live her dream, but she doubted the path she chose for that.

She waited some more time.

9.00 pm…

Nainita tried one last time. Same response.

10.00 pm…

Finally she made up her mind and was ready to face everything. Nainita stopped trying her. She took her phone and booked a room for tonight and was about to book a cab, there came a call. Yeah!! It’s from Monica.

The moment Nainita saw her name she felt an outpouring happiness within her. Without thinking twice, she responded to the call.

‘Hello Moni…What happe…..’ before Nainita could finish, Monica took chance.

‘Hi Naini. I am really sorry dear. My mobile had some technical issues and I just got it right. Also I am sorry that I can’t come to pick you up. As the trip to Australia that was scheduled for tomorrow was changed to today, I will be heading to Australia within an hour. But don’t worry. I have arranged everything for you. I have talked to the director about you. And I have sent my assistant to take care of you. She is Dhisha. I have messaged you her contact and left her your contact too. Feel free with her. Call her now and give her your details of whereabouts.  This shooting trip may take months and I will meet you once I am back. Is that okay for you?’ Monica breathed after a long talk.

‘Moni… First, thank you for calling me. You know how tensed I am? I am fully relieved after talking to you. All the best for your shooting and enjoy well. Thanks a lot once again. I am really lucky to have you’ Nainita used her chance well.

‘That’s my pleasure Naini. Now I am getting ready for the trip. You take care. Anyways, sorry for the trouble at last minute. Bye Naini’, the call ended.

Nainita felt relaxed. Having taken a deep breath she called to Dhisha. The call was answered after couple of rings.

‘Hi. This is Nainita, Monica’s friend’

‘Yeah… I am waiting for your call. I am Dhisha. Monica told me everything. I reached the station already. Just give me your compartment details.’

‘I am in the 1A compartment and will be arriving in half an hour. Thanks for coming’ Nainita expressed her gratitude.

‘That’s fine. I have sent my picture to you. Do check your Whatsapp. It will be easy to find me out right?’

‘Sure. Will check it. Thanks again. Will meet you soon. Bye.’

Soon after the chat Nainita was quick to check Dhisha’s picture. After few seconds of loading, a selfie picture of Dhisha was spotted in the screen. Nainita sent thumbs up in reply and attached her photo and sent to Dhisha. After a while, the blue tick mark assured Nainita that her picture has been viewed.

The most awaited moment came. The train halted. Nainita collected her bags and let out a final glance at the cabin. After confirming that she hadn’t left anything, she moved. When Nainita stepped out of the train, her eyes wandered here and there in search of Dhisha. From nowhere, a man in his late forties came running. Without waiting for Nainita’s approval he took the bags from her and moved. Before Nainita could react to the young man, her eyes met Dhisha’s.

A good looking girl in her twenties with a slightly oval face and eyes as sharp as knife was standing before Nainita. Nainita noticed the neatly threaded eyebrows that projected her beautiful eyes and the addition of kajal to her eyes had a magnetic effect. Her waist length straight hair that was let free magnified her beauty. Despite having dusky skin, Dhisha presented herself well.

Nainita noticed everything in a second and both shared a warm smile. They quickly exchanged a formal hug and continued their chats on their way home.

‘Nice to meet you Nainita. So, how was your journey?’ Dhisha initiated the conversation.

Mind raced to the past for a second and came back. Nainita replied with a smile, ‘That’s really cool.’

‘Ha-ha. Fine Nainita. I have to tell you one thing. You have to stay with me at my flat till Monica returns. Is there any trouble for you in doing so?’ asked Dhisha little worried.

‘Oh!! Not at all. I am happy to stay with you. Just relax’ Nainita guaranteed her. Only then Nainita remembered that she had booked a room for tonight and soon took her mobile to cancel it.

At the same time Dhisha resumed her talk. ‘Tomorrow you need to meet the director. I think you will be given a small role as it is the first time.’

‘Role is not important Dhisha. Getting an opportunity is important. I think I got it so soon because of Monica. Thanks to her. And thanks to you too for caring me this much.’ Nainita replied with a smile.

‘No formalities please’ said Dhisha.

The girl’s discussion came to an end when they reached the apartment. Nainita was taken to the flat which numbered 322.The flat looked awesome. It was more than sufficient for two people to stay there. It had three master bedrooms, a hall and a luxurious kitchen. It was highly sophisticated and neatly maintained that Nainita felt herself at home.

Nainita updated her dad about Dhisha and about Monica’s sudden trip. After refreshing, both of them dined together. Nainita complemented Dhisha for a tasty dinner.

Dhisha said with a mock smile, ‘I am not that good at cooking. An old woman named Parvathi cooks everything and does all household chores. Her work timing is 8am to 8pm. She cooks really well and keeps the home clean. Apart from her work, she is also a sweet person by heart and cares me like her own child whenever I feel down. Hereafter she will take care of you too.’

‘Wow… That’s great. I am happy that I am surrounded by good people. I feel blessed.’

Then the girls spent some more hours in sharing their memories of past. They didn’t feel like strangers at all. Within a day, they became close and talked like they were friends for generations.  Time passed on. Only when Nainita yawned out of tired they decided to sleep.

‘Be ready at 10 Nainita’ Dhisha assured her.

‘Sure Dhisha. Good night.’ Nainita made her way to the room.

Dhisha, after sending off Nainita to sleep, took her mobile and dialed a number. When her call was answered, Dhisha said, ‘Plan success.’

Passion – 2

The clock in the Bangalore railway station showed 11 pm. The rain had poured its heart out starting at noon and just went for breath. The last train to Mumbai was waiting to depart. One can see some tiny ponds on the platform born out of a huge rain. The station was engulfed in abnormal silence that even the droplets of water reaching the ponds made a musical rhythm. But this silence was startled by continuous thud sounds of a girl trying to board the train. She just stepped onto the train and it took off.

Nainita found her way to the A/C compartment. Once she reached her coach, she thrown her bags off and made her comfortable. She was breathing heavily and she could sense the pain in her legs literally rising, troubling her head. She just closed her eyes and waited for the pain to calm down. An hour passed away. Suddenly the beep sound of her mobile phone brought her back into senses. She slowly went up to the bag in the floor and checked her mobile. No doubt, it was her mom. Nainita cursed herself for not updating her mom after getting into the train.

‘Hello Ma. Why didn’t you go to bed till now?’ Nainita questioned in a tired voice.

‘I have been waiting for your call Naini. Hope you fell asleep. Is everything fine there?’

‘Yeah ma. I just got up hearing your call. Am fine. You go to sleep. Bye’

‘Bye Naini. Love you’.

After the end of small conversation, Nainita’s aching body was ready to rest but her mind travelled back to her home, thinking about her mother, how she cried uncontrollably while leaving and how hard Nainita tried to convince her mom and finally made her smile. The moment Nainita felt like a mother herself. Finally Nainita’s mind cooperated with her body and both were fast asleep.

Next morning, it was some sound that disturbed Nainita. First, she got irritated at the sound and tried to avoid it by covering herself with the bed sheet. But then the sound constantly increased and when observed keenly she could realize that somebody is knocking at the door of her coach. She suddenly got up and checked the time. It was around 10.30. She rushed to the door and opened it.

A pantry boy was standing ready to take the orders.

‘Madam… What would you like to have for breakfast?’ the boy asked.

Nainita standing with her eyes half open signaled the boy that she doesn’t want anything. She still wanted to sleep.

The boy looked up in surprise and asked, ‘Are you going to sleep again madam?’

Nainita who was about to close the door was stopped by his question. She looked straight and asked, ‘Exactly. Why? What’s the problem in that?’

‘Madam…We were… trying to wake you up… since 8 o clock’, the boy said hesitatingly and without waiting for her reply, he moved.

Nainita stopped him half way and said, ‘Get me a coffee please’.

The boy approved and moved.

Nainita felt ashamed of herself. She closed the door and scolded herself couple of times. She said to herself ‘No more sleeping till I reach Mumbai’. She tugged the curtains at the corner of the window to allow sunlight to light up the room.  She refreshed quickly and by the time coffee was served she was perfectly fresh.

Nainita was bit excited on thinking about her future. And when the train crossed every station her excitement grew. She thought of her friend Monica and bid a silent thanks to her. Her mind raced to last night.

‘Hi Naini… Where are you? Have you started to Mumbai?’

‘Yeah. I just started from home. Thought of updating you once I took the train’

‘It’s okay Naini. There is a small change of schedule. So I may not be available for next few hours.’

‘That’s fine Moni. Leave me the address. I will make my way there. You need not stress yourself’

‘No no…I will be free by the time you reach Mumbai. I am so excited to meet you after these long years. So I will personally come to pick you up.’

‘Thank you Moni. So happy to have you.’

‘(Laugh from the other side). Fine. You update me by tomorrow noon. So that I could plan accordingly.’

‘Sure Moni. Will let you know. Thanks. Bye’


Monica was none other than Nainita’s neighbor in Bangalore. Both did the schooling in the same institution. More interestingly both had the same ambition to become an actress. After their schooling, Nainita got selected to Bangalore film academy to graduate in film studies. You will be surprised to know about Monica. She started her carrier in the film industry immediately after schooling. This happened because of her aunt Raamsi. She was a highly popular figure in Mumbai particularly in film industries because she runs an own production company which is one of the best. What else Monica wants? Now it had been 5 years. Monica earned a very good reputation in the industry and made her aunt proud. She did more than 20 films. No matter what role she did. Now she was one of the most admired artists in Mumbai and she won’t go unnoticed wherever she goes.

Her family got settled in US with her brother. Recently Monica’s Mom and dad came to Bangalore to sell off their property. There they happened to meet Madhav Kamath and knowing about Nainita’s interest, they left Monica’s contact in case of any help. And that is how Nainita was advancing to Mumbai now. Even without Monica, she could achieve her dream. But it may take years and years to get into it.

Again, a knock at the door brought Nainita back to the present.


Along with the knock there came a voice, ‘Madam… Lunch’.

Nainita went to the door to collect the lunch and thanked him as he moved. Before doing Lunch, Nainita didn’t forget to notify Monica. She dialed her number.

Some recorded voice said, ‘It is switched off’.

Confused, Nainita tried again. The recorded voice confirmed the same.

‘She might be busy or her mobile may be out of charge. Let me finish lunch’, she convinced herself.

2 pm

Soon after finishing lunch, she tried again.

Did Monica pick it up?

Passion – 1

Nainita adorned herself in an elegant manner for the special evening. She studied herself in the mirror which left her lost for a couple of seconds. She was mesmerized by having a look at her and felt perfect. Her round beautiful face shined more than usual and turned pink as a symbol of joy. Her whitish complexion made the contrasting colors of her sari look brighter. She loved the way the sari shaped her physique and an idyllic hairstyle that made her look prettier than ever. She stood baffled with her beauty. She said to herself, “Am ready for the day”.

That evening Nainita found her presence in a well-decorated hall that filled with celebrities all around. That meant a lot to her because it is the renowned film fare festival. It is the first ever festive in her life. Nainita was very proud to be there with her family and it’s something her dreams come true. Many legends made their way there and she felt thrilled to be one among them. She is anxiously waiting for the results to be annunciated. She felt little uncomfortable on being surrounded by most fabulous persons and she sensed little left. One can feel the chillness in her palm in a mere handshake. So it is obvious that she feels a bit nervous.

Well…We can say her silent prayers are answered. Here is R.J Rohit on the stage to announce the results.

Welcome back to Film fare….. Festival….. It’s time to announce the winners. So let’s start.

The best actress award goes to ……..

Her heart raced every passing second. She longed for it from her heart….

The best actress award goes to ………

Nainita….Nainita…. Nainita…… Her name echoed in the air and she could hear her name being played as music. She is dancing inside her heart. She felt she is the center of attraction. She is gliding towards the stage with great delight. But some unknown feeling clutched her. She could sense no cheers around. Why it sounds so strange? She kept on thinking. Once again she heard her name, but in a different rhythm.

“NAINITAAAAAAA…..You are sucking all my energy in the very morning. Wake up now or else I need to run water on you,” her mom yelled at her.

Nainita pulled herself off from the bed and learned that she had a dream. She saw her mom standing beside with angry cum frustrated look. Everything happened within a blink.

“Hi. Ma. Good morning… ma you know one thing… I had a dream this…”

“Enough with your dream stories,” Her mom cut her off midway. “Do you remember that today you are heading to Mumbai? Wake up and pack your stuffs” Her mom chided her and moved. Everyday her mom use to wake her up. But not like this. She will be very sweet and calm. But this day is different both for Nainita and her mom.

Nainita was born into a rich family living in Bangalore. They do jewelry business for the past 3 generations. It is not that surprising to tell that now they are one among the top 10 best jewelers in Bangalore. They have persistent contact with politicians and celebrities and they always have a tie with top actors of the film industry for their advertisement.

Nainita was a fair-looking girl with round smiling face, shoulder length cute curly hair with the height approximately being 5 ft, which correctly fits her not that thin physique. She was highly optimistic, attractive girl and she kept everyone around her elated. She loved being independent and be the way she was. She was doing her masters in film studies and her ambition in life was to excel in the film industry. And the more important thing was that she was blessed with a family that supports her in everything she did. Madhav Kamath, Nainita’s dad was a good-humored, friendly man whose happiness lied in letting his children as they wish. He readily gave his permission to take on the film studies when he was asked for. The same is the case with Nainita’s brother Sashay. He sometimes makes fun of Nainita saying that you can better do our advertisements free of cost once you became popular. But somehow Nainita’s mom, Roopa Madhav was a traditional woman and had no interest in allowing her daughter do her film studies. Yet she kept that to herself and enjoyed seeing her daughter happy with her studies.

But now, Nainita finished her film studies and wanted to go to Mumbai to enter into film industry. This time, her mom was very firm not to allow her to Mumbai. She was afraid of the risks in that field and she couldn’t think of her daughter being an actress. But despite her mom’s opposition Nainita was successful in getting what she wants. Roopa Madhav had no way but to accept. She was too dull from the day her daughter’s journey has been confirmed. She stopped being cheerful. She stopped eating properly. All of them tried convincing her, but neither Nainita’s decision nor Roopa’s sorrow could be changed. And now the day had come.